Walking Dead 21: All Out War part two – Robert Kirkman

WD21This is the conclusion of the war. Just like the first part, horrifying new weapons are revealed as the humans show us just how much worse than the dead they are.

The ending is what will really surprise you. Kirkman specialises in his shocking twists and sudden moments of terror but now he manages an intellectual or ideological sleight of hand. Negan has been a great antagonist not because he is a bit crazy but because, in a distant way, you can see his point of view and his motivations. Rick thrives on him and his contrasting philosophy and grows as a character and a leader. It’s not weapons but ideas and belief that are the keys to victory.

The art is great and seems to have more splash pages than normal. This does feel more as if it is to hit the issue breaks rather than for dramatic tension but more art and less words is welcome. Particularly for a volume emphasising concepts and sociology.

Thumbs Up!

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