Walking Dead 23: Whispers into Screams – Robert Kirkman

WD23How does he do it? There are so many balls in the air in terms of the philosophy, ideology and practicality of a post-cataclysm world, so many questions. This is truly the area that Walking Dead set out to explore and as other zombie stories never get to 23 volumes they never pay any heed to.

Any normal writer would have run out of BIG idea by now and it is hard to believe that Kirkman is still pulling the rug out from under us with things we never even considered. There is genius at work here. But he is limited by his canvas. A monthly comic is not big enough or regular enough for him to keep up with the massive world he has created.

What has Negan been doing? What happened to the new arrivals? What about the other settlements? All the things that piqued our interest last volume are missing in favour of the new big idea. And it is a killer idea. But we as readers are greedy and want it all.

I can’t say anything about the art as we have all grown so used to it that it has replaced reality. It is a testament to Adlard that with the high turnover of characters new people still look different and existing characters grow and changeup their appearance.

Thumbs Up!

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