Axe Cop 5: Axe Cop Gets Married – Ethan & Malachai Nicolle

Axe Cop 5You might think that the novelty would be wearing off or that your adult brain would shut down and begin to reject such silliness. Even worse, with the comic’s creator now nine years old the absurdity quota might drop. But it doesn’t. Axe Cop – who is basically Judge Dredd for surrealists – continues to delight and surprise.

This book is one of the best yet with a double dose of “Ask Axe Cop” and two big stories. With Malachai growing up he gets exposed to more of the adult world such as dating, marriage and children and with “Axe Cop Gets Married” shows us his perception of relationships. Still at the stage of girls and kissing are dumb this apparently necessary evil is integrated into his world.

Whilst his spin on the opposite sex is certainly unusual and definitely un-PC it is a lot less derogatory than the way many grown up writers treat female characters. Sure he has characters whose name end in queen and princess but that is probably what TV is foisting on him. He also has women who fight evil and chop of heads perfectly well without male backup and aren’t afraid to say they don’t want to get married but would rather fight crime.

Ethan, providing the drawings, also gets to mature with a really cool fight scene and a black and white wedding album at the end. With a new colourist on board everything gets a makeover and we see Axe Cop looking in his most polished and slick incarnation yet.

There is no sign of a plateau yet and for so many reasons this deserves to be a Double Thumbs Up!!

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