Axe Cop 6: The American Choppers – Ethan & Malachai Nicolle

Axe Cop 6In addition to the genius title this is quite a watershed volume. You can see Malachai’s rational intellect coming on in leaps and bounds as the stories, despite their fantastic characters, follow a logical path. This is now more trashy soap opera than Dadaism but still just as much fun.

You can see popular culture having a greater impact within the narrative too and it doesn’t take much to see what films and TV he has been watching. You are always afraid that this will be the volume either he or you grow up and it will no longer be funny. Maybe next time.

We also see religion, specifically God and Satan, depicted here. You aren’t sure if Malachai or his older sibling are asking the theological questions but religion can either make more or less sense if you are a child. Depicting the divine in cartoons is quite a fraught proposition these days but I don’t think there is anything blasphemous here. The fact that Satan fights using corruption, temptation and deception is thematically spot on.

It does seem like there is a plan for the future of Axe Cop. We have a guest story by a new artist and two children. You can feel it harks back to the original anarchy and innocent morality of the original stories and, in time, they would be worthy successors.

No Ask Axe Cop but still a Thumbs Up!

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