Uber: Volume 2 – Kieron Gillen

Uber Volume TwoThis volume initially moves to the Pacific Front and we get to see what is happening in Japan. But after all to brief an interlude it switches back to our European characters. This coupled with Russia and Stalin is certainly a broad canvas which slows things down a bit. In fact, ensured of the book’s continuation, Gillen relaxes and allows things to decompress a little.

The book still has you hooked and sticks with the faux documentary style you either love or hate. Characters grow and you get to see each nation’s take on the creation of Ubers. The bodycount and gore is still there but is used intelligently. You do need the violence on-screen as a world war is a bloody conflict and taking it to the next level means ratcheting up the horror.

The art is great and the shift from rainy Europe to tropical South Pacific means a much lighter and more pleasing palette. Now that the pace has slowed a little there are more mute panels and more visual storytelling as well as the huge splash pages for dramatic effect.

The story does move in an interesting direction that is sure to take you by surprise and leaves you wondering what will happen in book three. Definitely a Thumbs Up!

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