Greetings anonymous internet people.

I don’t generally write editorials here as you aren’t visiting for me but for the books so I will keep it brief.

I just want to say thank you. There are quite a few visitors and plenty of people who “like” my posts. So, thank you. You may think reading graphic novels all year is a great thing and in some ways it is. But having to do it for a deadline and doing so without a break is tougher than you think.

There is also the cost. At an average of £10 per book it is £3,650 per year. It works out to £10 per book as things like the Absolute editions for The Authority were long out of print and over £100 each and the Uber Re-marqued edition was £75.

Finding these books cheaply and then reselling them afterwards to pay for the next lot also takes a lot of time. There are several series such as Wasteland, House of Mystery, Unwritten, etc. that I haven’t started as I am waiting to get the books I am missing at cheaper than retail. You always lose money when reselling graphic novels so I try not to lose that much.

But this isn’t a whinge (believe it or not), or even a plea for cash, this is a thank you. Were it not for the fact that people, from all over the globe, keep looking at what I post every day and liking my posts I would not be able to achieve my one a day mantra. I am sure you have noticed some reviews have arrived a little late in the day.

It saddens me that I can’t check out the blogs and creative endeavours of those who visit me and respond in kind. I would certainly like to but I am barely managing to tread literary water here.

All I can do is say thank you, and be proud of the fact that a new post appears because of your input just as much as mine.


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