Red Razors – Mark Millar

red razorsThe beauty of the Judge Dredd universe is that it is large and mature enough to feature tales that don’t concern Dredd at all. This book features a criminal turned Sov Judge named Razors in two long stories and a one shot prequel.

While there are some interesting gags, 90’s references, and sci-fi ideas it is largely Robocop crossed with Tom and Jerry. There will always be things that make you smile but this story is largely for entertainment rather than the quality drama that the Dredd-verse can muster.

The art is classic 2000AD fare and whilst the artists change between issues the style remains the consistent. This is from the colour era of Dredd and contains no black and white panels.

It’s more filler than anything else but there are some quality ideas and some unusual parodies so maybe give it a look.

Thumbs Up!

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