Sex Criminals: Volume 2 Two Worlds, One Cop – Matt Fraction

Sex Criminals 2So you were blown away by the first volume were you? Well this contains even more goodness continuing the high standards set.

For the story to grow new characters will need to come in and while we adore our pair of lovebirds the new, and some not so new, arrive without drama. It’s both unusual and brave to have a character with a mental illness and it is nice to see that portrayal is realistic and respectful. The humour is still there though.

The art is great and the character’s faces and expressions really bring the emotion to life. It’s great to see the drawings drop realism like a hot potato when abstraction or symbolism will convey the message so much better.

This is a joy to read and has so much potential. It is still head and shoulders about most other titles in terms of originality and emotion.

Thumbs Up!

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