Big Hard Sex Criminals – Matt Fraction

Sex Criminals CollectedThis oversized hardcover collects the first two volumes (issues 1-10) of the series. The stories are wonderful, original and beautifully emotive.

This is definitely what a deluxe edition should be with everything given a good pampering. First take off the dust jacket to reveal a whole spoof book cover underneath. This is the part that all other hardcovers miss and the fake book is hilarious.

The additional bookend and chapter pages are extremely beautiful and everything has a plush feel to it. There are cover galleries and the covers without text are visual masterpieces in themselves. There is a double page on how the art process works, two pages of jokes and a complete detail spotlight from each issue. All those tiny posters and notices chock full of humour you have been squinting at all these issues are blown up and annotated to save you going blind.

Everything a collected edition should be and worth it over the two TPB’s.

Double Thumbs Up!

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