A Game of Thrones: Volume Two – Adapted by Daniel Abraham

GOT 2Here is the second part of this lavish adaption of the Game of Thrones novel. Everyone is getting into their stride and growing more confident and capable. This means less typos.

We also see this volume diverge from the TV show more. There is a marvellous ascent to the Eyrie that would have been cut from TV for budget and you would have thought would disappear here due to length. But it appears in all its glory. This level of micro-detail is as surprising as it is welcome and makes the world richer for it.

The hardback format returns and so to do the special features. If you have any inclination to create comics, in whatever role, it is your duty to read this. In this section we look at the entire transition process to the text of the original novel, through all the different stages, to the finished graphical masterpiece. Invaluably we get to see the creative discussions and see what techniques were tried and rejected. This peek behind the curtain is an anathema to many creative people so we are really privileged and can learn a lot.

The art and colour is sumptuous with each issue representing weeks if not months of work. Backgrounds are impossibly detailed and faces and heraldry receive superb attention. The boxes of narration are keyed to certain characters, just as they are in the source material, but black on red or black on brown is never a good idea.

This is another delightful volume that makes a good stepping stone for those who want more than TV but aren’t quite ready to give up their pretty pictures.

Thumbs Up!

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