Kingdom of the Wicked – Ian Edgington

Kingdom of the WickedThis is another tale of someone visiting a world which may or may not be imaginary. These seem popular with comics writers, the last one being Cancertown.

Here is a beautiful and sophisticated tale that has plenty of nostalgia for the older reader and is packed with literary references. The origin of the ‘imaginary’ world is certainly unexpected and the book is an enjoyable read. The whole thing is an adult tale wrapped in the trappings of a children’s story and the tone is quite vivid.

The art is great and while it may appear simplistic and caricatured has a lot going on under the hood. The colouring plays a large part in establishing the atmosphere of the piece and the unusual angles bring a real nightmarish quality.

A rapid but satisfying read in a very good hardback format.

Thumbs Up!

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