Crossed: Volume Twelve – David Lapham

Crossed 12David Lapham has been trying for years to write a decent Crossed story and it looks like he may actually have succeeded.

This is a single nine issue story that works well, has good drama and pacing and interesting characters. As always the Crossed are merely a plot device, like bad weather, but they do the trick of moving the action along.

Narratively speaking there are some elegant and sophisticated tricks and a complex opening with multiple timelines forcing the reader to pay attention. Sadly these techniques don’t last past the first issue.

The art is odd. There is strong colouration but the level of detail appears to vary between panels. It is as if small panels were blown up to single or double page spreads and the effect is a little jarring.

Despite reminding me of the film ‘The Limey’ all the way through this was an enjoyable and unpredictable read.

Definitely a Thumbs Up!

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