Great Pacific: Volume Three – Joe Harris

Great Pacific - Big game huntersThis volume marks an end to the current storyline. There isn’t a recap on what has gone before but you are able to pick up clues and reminders if you have forgotten everything.

It feels very bitty. There is an alien invasion, a drug problem and then the conclusion of the ‘nukes’ storyline. It’s almost as if Harris wasn’t sure how much longer he had.

The ending is dramatic and would be a good place to leave the series or start again on a new storyline. There aren’t the big environmental or sociological themes that have come before but more focus on going out with a bang. This has been a good run.

The art has been consistent all the way through and it is great to see such a unique and appropriate style. The cover is an homage to Iron Maiden’s The Trooper which sadly looks too clunky.

Thumbs Up!

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