Letter 44: Volume 2 Redshift – Charles Soule

Letter 44 Volume 2Another instalment in this great series arrives. The star of the piece has been the story on Earth as that feels more tangible and relatable. But developments in space start to hot up.

The seven issue volumes do make a difference and although the pacing is pretty rapid you don’t get the feeling things are rushed or have to be ditched for time. There is a slight feeling that some dialogue was tailored to act as a recap which you might or might not appreciate depending on when you read volume one.

The art is just as before and it is great to see another foil cover. Nice to know that wasn’t just a gimmick and that the art and presentation remains a high priority. There are in-character pictures at the back of the volume, some of which are identical to the previous book.

Another Thumbs Up!

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