Mind the Gap: Volume 2 Wish You Were Here – Jim McCann

Mind the Gap 2How much do you like your mystery? You had better have patience as only the final few pages of this volume start explain things.

This is a nice smooth ride with lots of things happening and new information appearing. This is all about drama. As the next volume is the final one you are prepared to put up with some more ‘Lost’ style bewilderment from this second act.

Esquejo’s art is still breath-taking in every way but for one issue he couldn’t make it so another artist came on board. He chose a style that was the polar opposite to Esquejo’s in every single way. If this was a dream, a flashback or had been used before it would fit into the narrative. But it doesn’t and it chooses not to. Trying to copy the existing art would have been a failure and a mistake so they might as well be brazen about this one issue blip.

It reads slightly shorter than first volume, possibly because you are familiar with the characters or maybe because the world-building is done. This is good as you still have a way to go before (hopefully) all is revealed.

Thumbs Up!

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