Mind the Gap: Volume 3 Out of Bodies – Jim McCann

Mind the Gap 3There isn’t the conclusion you are expecting but merely the end of Act One. You do find out what happened on the platform and what the family has been up to however. The revelation of an ancestral secret, that has not been foreshadowed or anticipated, is a bit of an awkward change in direction. This story has some great characters and abandoning them for a few issues while the grand plot is wheeled out seems clunky.

There is another new artist with a hugely contrasting style present but this time they are used only for flashbacks which makes so much more sense thematically. Esquejo’s drawings are still perfect with the dramatic splash pages and surrealistic depictions of the world beyond blowing you away.

You are scared that this story will drag on but we have definitely turned a corner and feel satisfied that we are in receipt of some real answers.

Thumbs Up!

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