Usagi Yojimbo 29: 200 Jizo – Stan Sakai

U29If you have forgotten Jizo is the deity who looks after children and those suffering hardship. We learnt about him and the statues used in his worship in the volume Shades of Death. We also get to find out how Soy Sauce is made, how xenophobia affects art, what an ice runner is and much more in this education-tastic volume.

Inspector Ishida returns and we get a great mystery to solve which isn’t too obscure or too easy. The repercussions of this flow into the titular 200 Jizo story. It is great to see everything connected.

Some of the stories are just a single issue. Whilst the Artist raises cultural questions Buntori seems like filler which is rare for an Usagi tale.

The art is great and shows just how much you can achieve with simple line drawings of animals. The expressions are so emotive and when the lines thicken to show anger it is dramatically effective. There are also some nocturnal scenes allowing Sakai to use impressive lighting effects.

There are a lot of extras including mock interviews with Usagi, historical explanations, the creation of an unpublished story and the usual cover gallery. The introduction is by comics artist Guy Davis.

Thumbs Up!

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