Empowered: Unchained – Adam Warren

Empowered UnchainedThis is a collection of one shots (single part stories) executed in an unusual style. Presumably these were FCB day or other promo works. They are all written by Warren but partially drawn by other artists. I say partially drawn as the stories are drawn by other artists except for certain asides or flashbacks which are drawn by Warren in his traditional style.

This is confusing. Not to read but to understand why. You can take out these asides and they read just fine making you think they were added after the fact to bulk out the page count. Most of the new artists draw in colour too which, although we are familiar with colour covers, aren’t the superb monochromes we are used to.

The whole thing is bizarre. Not unpleasant but you would probably have another traditional volume of Empowered. One with a story long enough to get your teeth into and better advancement and use of the characters. You will buy this as a completist and chuckle once or twice but put it at the bottom of your wishlist. It definitely isn’t a good trial volume for the new reader to dip their toe in.

Thumbs Up but it’s not a regular volume.

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