Jungle Girl 2 – Frank Cho

Jungle Girl 2Clearly what you need in a tale about a girl living in a Jungle is a space shuttle and a submarine. That will help the characterising wont it. From a shaky first volume to a total jumping the shark is what happens here. It’s as bad as volume two of Shanna.

Where do you start? We pick up from exactly where we left off and go running of in search of a crashing space shuttle that is never seen again as we get distracted by some underwater Lovecraftian/ menace. Cue submarine.

We don’t know too much about Jana’s companion Togg but it comes as a surprise when he seems to be a dab hand with machine guns, scuba gear, torpedoes, and submarine engines. He can only say the word ‘ma-sheens’, but has no trouble with pronouncing ‘gears, engines and Lewis guns.’

The art is pretty in places and there are some standout moments but it feels more rushed and less-polished than the last one. There is a clunky moment where two facing pages (that have clearly been drawn separately) work against each other by duplicating similar poses.

There is also an uncomfortable image of Jana so explicit it feels almost gynaecological. This coupled with her new pre-occupation with double-entendres is a real disappointment.

This could and should have been so much more. The underwater location is a brave idea but the title is Jungle Girl. There was almost a Robert E. Howard feel that could have brought some real depth to the work but you are too jarred by the incongruity of the characters. The deus ex machina is mermaids riding leviathans who are never explained.

Thumbs down!

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