The Dreamer: The Consequence of Nathan Hale – Laura Innes

The Dreamer 01This is one of those ‘girl travels back in time to meet her ideal man’ romances that makes a popular novel but it appears in comic form for the first time. It is definitely aimed at the female young adult reader as it is super cute and full of high school angst.

It could be Twilight but set against the American Revolutionary war of 1776. You get a quick primer about this period in history and although the detail feels authentic it never gets in the way of the drama, and you may actually learn something.

The art is good. Very modern and lusciously digital. It felt like Wynona Earp and Innes credits Beau Smith for his support in the forward. The style is very confident and the characters definitely feel alive and expressive.

It ends on a cliff-hanger so make sure you seek out volume two.

A superb Thumbs Up!

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