The Dreamer: The Kip’s Bay Affair – Laura Innes

The Dreamer 02This is another, lengthy, helping of romantic drama. Boyed with her success Innes slows things down, clearly confident that she can continue her story but possibly at the expense of a pacier tempo.

More characters are introduced and the excellent balance between the two worlds is maintained. Everything feels authentic from the drama of teenage life to the names of battles in the war. We don’t get to know any more about the deeper mystery but contemporary life unfolds nicely.

It also has one of the best recaps I have ever seen. It is in the form of a high school history test that cleverly summarises all the characters and events in an imaginative and entertaining way.

The art is superb and the little details of how kids tie their shoes, accessorise, and answer their phones is all spot on. The colouring is great and there are some excellent mirror reflections and sleep haze.

Another Thumbs Up!

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