The Dreamer: The Battle of Harlem Heights – Laura Innes

The Dreamer 03What could easily have been a single volume fancy has blossomed into a multi book epic. This isn’t the last volume either.

We spend a lot of time in the past and skipping back and forth every few panels as more of Alan’s history is revealed. This is fine but more imaginative ways to mark or differentiate these periods could easily have been employed other than tiny captions.

Again everything feels authentic with locations, people, battles, and events crammed in. Not being American or studying this period I have no idea if any artistic licence has been taken and the book doesn’t feel the need to point out any. This is a love story and on that front it succeeds admirably with a lot of emotion on the page.

Again there is a twist ending and a considerable ramping up of the stakes.

Thumbs Up!

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