Rat Queens Volume One: Sass & Sorcery – Kurtis J. Wiebe

Rat Queens 1If you mixed Sucker Punch with a 12 year old’s D&D campaign – on the interweb – this might be the result.

Actually after a few pages you do click with this all female cast of foul-mouthed fantasy adventurers. It’s fun, bawdy, ballsy and entertaining. This isn’t going for a profound message but sneaks in the idea that women can kick as much arse, drink, swear and do as many drugs as guys do.

The art is good stuff. There is great use of colour on display, dynamic fight scenes, intelligent digital trickery and a lively panel structure. The women are all appropriately proportioned, respectfully dressed and wonderfully diverse.

Initially it feels a little anachronistic with some popculture/ postmodern jokes but these quickly fade as the book takes its stride and becomes all about the characters. This is a five issue volume with rapid pacing so flies by. Make sure you have book two on order.

For the most grounded and intelligent portrayal of female characters in comics this gets the Double Thumbs Up!!

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