Aya: The Secrets Come Out – Marguerite Abouet

Aya03Don’t think of these as separate volumes just a long story divided into chapters. We resume almost where the last one finished.

The pace is the same effortless ride as the previous instalments but it feels like this has so much more crammed in. More characters are introduced and fleshed out and the existing ones have all sorts of trials and excitement.

Also the quiet theme of feminism and change that has been peeking out from behind the curtain gets centre stage. The sexual politics goes even further than that. Whilst this definitely has a lot to say in these regards it doesn’t feel preachy or out of place. This is the growing and changing attitudes of the world as a whole in the 1980’s.

The art also becomes more dramatic. The wonderful style, hand-drawing everything including the panel edges is maintained but the colours just leap off the page. With more nocturnal scenes, flashbacks, and wonderful fashions the colours take their own turn in the spotlight.

There isn’t the exciting cliff hanger of the previous books but there is so much drama throughout the story that you can’t wait for the next one.

Thumbs Up!

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