Aya: Life in Yop City– Marguerite Abouet

aya04This wonderful series continues shortly after the events of the last volume. It expertly balances lots of different storylines both in Africa and France and switches between them seamlessly.

The theme of women’s empowerment continues and we get an insight into how rape fitted into the society of the period. Such intense subject matter is handled maturely and objectively although being as attached to the characters as we are we do feel a strong reaction.

The art is consistent in its beauty and style. Unusually we see real photographs used in a cutaway sequence about matrimonial advice that is reminiscent of the photo stories that would have littered teenage magazines of the period. Despite the shock of this unusual technique it sits comfortably in the hand-drawn world Clement Oubrerie paints for us.

You probably won’t find this volume in English and need to look for it as part of a collected edition.

Thumbs Up!

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