Aya: Volume 6 – Marguerite Abouet


This is the final volume and you have been dying to know all about Moussa. It doesn’t disappoint.

The pacing feels a little awkward however. There are several full page panels, which are nice to see artistically, but you fear that they are there as padding instead. The end itself comes rather abruptly with a lot being crammed into a final three panels. A lot has been wrapped up before then however and as it is technically Aya’s journey she takes a step forward with her life. You do find yourself wishing that there were at least a few more pages, and not just because you are so attached to the wonderful and unique characters.

Stylistically Oubrerie takes few risks but there are some scenes of dappled shading from trees that just don’t work for me. This looks out of place but doesn’t diminish the superb drawing and colouring throughout.

Thumbs Up!

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