Aya: Love in Yop City [collected edition 2] – Marguerite Abouet

Love in Yop CityThis collected edition bundles the last three books in English into a paperback volume. The size and printing are the same and it has all the extras. The paperback nature means the large spine will crease almost immediately but it will open fully allowing you to read the centre pages with ease. This book is designed for readers not collectors.

The printing and paper stock is just as nice as the hardback volumes and it is much more portable and affordable. Also you won’t be waiting for the next book after the cliff-hangers of books four and five.

The extras are contained at the back including some of Abouet’s own experiences about emigrating to France and the problems of Ivorian religion. There are two portraits, a black and white sketch and several recipes as well as the family tree at the beginning to remind you who everyone is and how they are related.

Thumbs Up!

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