La Muse – Adi Tantimedh

La MuseThis is a common story about someone with superpowers out to change the world. But unlike something like The Authority she doesn’t do it by punching people in the face. Probably because she is a woman.

This is a long volume at 220 pages so it can take its time and twist and turn. The whole book is well paced and doesn’t outstay its welcome. The cause of the world’s problems can be quite specific at times and you are definitely seeing the author’s politics but there isn’t anything surprising here. Its social and environmental message has been out there for all to see for a long time.

The art isn’t the hyper polished big studio work but it is confidently done and very colourful. The panels are traditional straight edged fare but this is good as it won’t distract you from the meaning and the humour which is at the core of the writing.

Thumbs Up!

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