Kristina Queen of Vampires Chapter One – Frans Mensink

Kristina1It’s porn. Just in case you were in any doubt. But its printed porn in the 21st Century which is unusual. It’s not erotica as the pictures of the Hustler/ gynaecologist kind.

There is a story here that connects the explicit sex scenes and in print this might have some appeal. The vampire protagonist does display emotions (unlike the wooden human characters) and has some character development but this is the kind of 80’s porn movie that still clung to the necessity of a narrative.

The art is ok. All the flesh on show benefits from the digital airbrushing but the panel layout tries to be too dynamic resulting in the need for arrows to navigate your way around the page.

The format is also unusual. It is oversize which is handy as you are buying this to squint at the nudity.

The whole work is very brief and does it’s best to entice you into buying volume two. Sadly I wont. No Thumbs!

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