Dotter of her Father’s Eyes – Mary Talbot

Dotter of her Fathers EyesMary Talbot is a scholar and wife of the well-known artist and graphic novelist Bryan Talbot who illustrates this book.

It is partly her own childhood memories, dominated by her Joycean scholar father, and part biography of Joyce’s own daughter Lucia.

This is an informative and uneasy balance and if you skipped over the intricately chronological Lucia parts you might find it less of a dry read. Talbot’s own childhood is closer to our own, depending on your age dear reader, and we find more empathy with her trials and tribulations.

Bryan does a superb job on art duties as always clearly delineating the two stories using tone and texture. There are no straight panels here as every page has an organic warmth that presses frames together in an almost memory soup. For a non-fiction story there is a great deal of creativity and imagination in the expression of ideas and emotions.

The education of the Lucia story juxtaposed with the empathic memories of Mary is odd and a little understated in places but much more brave and interesting than either story alone.

Thumbs Up!

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