Womanthology: Heroic – Various

Womanthology Heroic

It’s an anthology written by and drawn by women that started as a Kickstarter. Is it all gimmick? Well it might be some gimmick but it is certainly more than that. As an anthology it is going to be hit and miss particularly as it is a blend of experienced and novice creators. It favours very short stories some of which don’t seem to articulate much narrative. The focus is very much on quantity.

The format is full colour oversize hardcover so it shows off its content very well and makes a great coffee table book. There are creator bios, pro tips and a stick figure strip running along the bottom of the pages too.

What it lacks in coherency it inherently makes up for in diversity. Every kind of art and storytelling is on show here. If you have any interest in either of those two this is a wonderful resource and a wealth of ideas and perspectives. That’s not all. There is an extensive section of interviews with well-known female creators and a comprehensive guide to how comics are made and even how to draw. This coupled with lots of industry tips and a history lesson about women in illustration makes it invaluable reading for anyone looking to break into comics in any role.

Thumbs Up!

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