Empowered 9 – Adam Warren

Empowered 9
This is certainly an unpredictable book with definite highs and lows. It starts off with what you think is a great recap. Which after 70 pages you realise is the comic book equivalent of a clip show. But the story does kick off, and make sense and progress.

Emp reveals some new powers which have a great payoff. But then there is the lurid spanking fanfic part. Which is supposed to be ironic so that is all right. Right? Thankfully the dire verbiage of the intergalactic conqueror only lasts a page. But for some reason every other character that turns up has an atrocious word-mangling dialect.

There is a lot of author politics (as in party politics) on display which is unusual for an Empowered title. Plus a grumble at the state of the comics industry and the internet. And the whole thing could be an allegory for the debate on Civil Rights verses Government Responsibility.

The art has settled down. The black pages are terrible fingerprint magnets. But there are finer lines and more subtle shading returning to displace the nasty black outlines of previous volumes. There is a Parental Advisory sticker on the front. You wonder why it is there until you get to the scenes where you don’t.

Is the book cleverer than you worry it is? Is it actually empowering or is it just cheesecake of the bad kind. Or is Warren dangerous enough to court both camps. You decide.

Still a Thumbs Up!

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