Uber: Volume 4 – Kieron Gillen

Uber Volume FourThis is an excellent volume. It gives screen time to all the previous characters and most of the theatres of war. It does so intelligently and is paced well with common themes tying all the narratives together. The last part, however, is three separate backstories for the three German battleships.

Everything is running perfectly from historical events, to espionage, to character development. The problem of the last volume was it felt too impersonal. Dehumanisation is an important facet of the war story but decharacterisation is a storykiller. This volume is much more engaging.

New Uber-powers are unveiled adding an extra dimension to the conflict and getting around the nuclear problem. These revelations are done so intelligently making you actually think and ask questions rather than being spoon-fed.

There are four artists plus colourists working on this volume. The style remains the same but you don’t have to look too closely to see it change and some of the characters soften slightly from their original looks. There is nothing jarring but it is a shame that Caanan White hasn’t been able to stay with us.

Thumbs up and more please!

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