Crossed: Volume Thirteen – David Hine & Justin Jordan

Crossed 13

There is a short four issue piece set in Japan that has a passing link to the previous, superior, Japan story also from Hine. This concerns unlikely friendships and might be a little twee for a Crossed story with the gore feeling pasted on. It also pushes the Crossed intellect envelope having them exhibit both rational and emotional behaviour other than the primal norm.

The next single issue story by Justin Jordan is eminently disposable. There is nothing wrong with it but it adds no new content to the Crossedverse or storytelling in general. If you read the single paragraph summary on the back of the book then you can simply skip this work altogether. Which is a shame because you took out the Crossed altogether and released it is a prose piece it might have some emotional resonance.

The art works harder than you give it credit for. There are some good colour choices and background styles at key emotional moments and generally a lot of effort goes into the characters. Japan has some interesting locations but not as many as there could have been.

Barely a Thumbs Up.

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