Powers Bureau – Brian Michael Bendis

PB 1
More Powers was always going to be a welcome sight. You hold your breath to make sure Bendis and Oeming haven’t lost it but by the end of the second page of familiarly crowded dialogue you have your WTF moment and never look back.

There isn’t an introduction or slow build but we start getting flashbacks to what has been happening since the conclusion of the last series so you need to keep on your toes. All the characters, but Deena in particular, are wonderfully sharp and the banter is awesome.

The art appears different. Thicker lines, more blacks, less colour maybe, but going back to the earlier books Oeming likes big blocks of colour and deep shadows. Maybe the tone of the volume is intentionally darker as we join these characters at a low point. We will have to see.

Nothing has been lost in the transition to the new FBI setup and all the classic magic is still there launching you into another page-turning adventure. You don’t need to have read the original series (but you should) and likewise you can go back to the older books after reading this.

There are some usual work in progress special features and cover gallery.

Thumbs Up!

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