Powers Bureau: Volume two – Brian Michael Bendis

PB 2This is another smoking hot Powers volume. There is a wonderful Boom! moment characteristic of what Bendis can deliver and crackling electric dialogue throughout. This is brilliant through and through and there are both emotional and laugh out loud moments.

There is a balance between crazy wordy dialogue and mute pages. Some of the lettering can be a little odd, you aren’t sure if it’s a typo or an obscure speech pattern. A few of the pages are hard to follow too as it switches between single page top to bottom or across a double page. This is another bad hallmark of the series.

The art still appears blockier and chunkier than you remember from previous volumes. You aren’t sure if Oeming is trying out new techniques and media or if he just doesn’t have the time to do more detail.
Nothing stops this book being great, not even the lacklustre 9 page sketchbook at the end.

A very high Thumbs Up!

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