Rising Stars Volume 2: Power – J. Michael Straczynski

Rising Stars 2Now the world-building is done and the Specials are no longer kids this really ratchets up a gear. Several gears in fact as politics and humanism enters the agenda. Through a series of twists the action hots up and takes off in a new direction.

Just like the first book this volume has everything dotted and crossed. Things you didn’t realise were being set up in the previous act neatly pop up and dovetail into place. This is a masterpiece of plotting and everything neatly follows on without any jarring deus ex machina. More importantly these are human beings, fallible ones, who don’t always make the right or the expected decisions.

The art is great. Despite the series having several artist changes everything looks consistent and well-polished.

For the big ideas this deserves a Double Thumbs Up!

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