Isaac Asimov’s Derec: Volume 1- Doug Murray

Isaac Asimovs DerecDon’t buy this.

Because there is no volume two and this ends in mid scene. You will have to go back to the original 1950’s novels.

This story and its author, godfather of space fiction Isaac Asimov, are from a time when sci-fi wasn’t about special effects and explosions and laser guns. It was about philosophy and humanity (ignoring any flying saucers obviously). Even boiled down to a hundred odd pages at two panels per page you still get a sense of the great writing and existential power of this kind of fiction.

This is a compelling mystery as literally nothing is explained to you and your lead character has amnesia so he is no help! There is an inhuman narrator who adds tone and theme (plus more mystery) but this should have been sacrificed to put in more content. If there were 300 or 500 pages more I would definitely read them. But as the story ends abruptly without even a clue to who did it you can’t really judge it fairly.
The art is proper 1950’s Pop Art where everyone seems weirdly frozen mid-emotion. The colour is grey on slightly darker grey and the panels are shrunk and placed on a texture background that takes up a ridiculous amount of the page. And this was produced in 2004.

You can feel there was a really great work there and enough of it survives to truly hook you leaving you frustrated there is no more. There are several pages of text at the end that flesh out an entire world but would only really be relevant to future parts of the story that you never get to.

No Thumbs unfortunately.

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