Crossed +100 – Alan Moore


Comics Messiah Alan Moore takes on the Crossed franchise.

This is a spectacular piece of writing but if you are in Crossed just for the gore then this will be your Prometheus. The biggest talking point is the language. Set 100 years in the future Moore has everyone speaking a dialect descended from internet speak. This will either take you a while to pick up, especially with what look like some editing inconsistencies, or make you put the book down.

The advantage this brings is that it makes you read much slower than a roller coaster page-flipper that some comics can be. It gives you time to digest and speculate on the origins and course of his future. It is great fun working out where all the names came from and where in the world the characters are.

There is virtually no gore or horror in the piece. This ensures you invest so much into the characters and a wonderfully slow build up makes for a shocking ending. There is a tipping point where you put the clues together and your heart sinks. The final issue over-stretches this like the host of Who Wants to be a Millionaire. But like a proper old ghost story the terror is firmly psychological and no final page turn will compete for what is in your head.

One notable theme is a Muslim dominated settlement and Moore’s discussion and hypothesis of Islam might not be for everyone. Just as his version of the Crossed is the most different anything previous.

The art is great with Crossed veteran Gabriel Andrade returning from volume 9. So much detail and effort is packed into every panel to effortlessly bring this future world to life. The colouring is great with a lot of earth tones working hard to realise this overgrown, agrarian environment.

Double Thumbs Up!

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