Retrovirus – Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray

RetrovirusThis is a book funded by a Kickstarter. But it isn’t a terrible vanity project as it has names like Palmiotti and Gray behind it. Although as it is distributed by Image it makes you wonder why they couldn’t get the work published the normal way.

It is designed as a graphic novel so there are no enforced cliff-hangers or chapter breaks as single issues would demand. As such it flows very well and at 64 pages really doesn’t outstay its welcome.

It is no War and Peace but there is a tangible and mildly original story there and the female lead gets to sit, uneasily, between rounded character and obligatory T&A scenes.

The art is luscious and detailed with bright colours typical of an Image book. As a Kickstarter backer you wouldn’t be disappointed. It is also a hardcover which, whilst appreciated, seems an unusual way to spend money. You would think more pages might have been the way to go.

All in all a Thumbs Up!

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