American Vampire Book 7 – Scott Snyder

American Vampire 7Here are two tales that kick off another promising story arc moving the action to the Swinging Sixties. It looks like an uphill battle creating a bigger vampire than Dracula but things look hopeful.

Pearl returns, along with Skinner and a few other supporting cast members in the first tale. There is a palpable sense of danger and mystery and things are nicely paced throughout. The action stops abruptly and you definitely want more. The art is classic Albuquerque and his dark pages do wonders for the feeling of menace throughout the tale.

Then you have a one shot that is related but is more an exercise in storytelling. Sequential art and an in-character journal from 1850 are interleaved in an uneasy mix that does actually work. The diary feels very much like a Lovecraft tale. Unfortunately, mentioning Lovecraft as an actual historical figure does pull you out of the world for a moment. But the whole thing is well told and has you quite gripped considering the low page count.

A great first chapter for a fresh and exciting new chronicle that reenergises the brand.

Thumbs Up!

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