Womanthology: Space – Various

Womanthology SpaceLike some cheap foreign knockoff this is smaller, thinner and not as good as the original feminist inspired crowd-funded opus. You get the feeling IDW sensed a cash-in opportunity with a new audience and cut as many corners to milk it for all they could.

Some of the stories are just weird mental doodling and some a tableaux of curious ideas. If your goal is to show off the talents of under-represented writers and artists it should be accessible. There are some recognisable names here but you get the feeling they were thrown in to attract publicity. The creator bios are firmly tucked away at the back and there are virtually no links to discover more of their work.

Essentially absent are the essays, interviews and “how to” guides of the previous volume that could encourage and empower potential creators. There is a single biography, which is great, but it cements the case that this is not the wonderful celebration of creativity and ‘art’ that fuelled the original Womanthology.

No Thumbs.

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