Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles – Dennis Calero

Ray Bradbury’s Martian ChroniclesThe original work was started in the 1940’s and is a tapestry of short stories which all use the same version of Mars but only a few returning characters. This early example of Sci-fi now appears dry to the modern reader who is more used to space opera.

Whilst some of the poetic language and imagery (which was highly praised by Aldus Huxley at the time) remains, only the ending shows the real impact this commentary on the human condition can deliver. Also excised are the stories about racial tension and religion that would have had a similar profound message. All the stories that take place on Earth have been removed.

The art is very basic and is mostly talking heads with lots of blank backgrounds and thick blocks of dark colours which isn’t how we are used to imagining Mars. This is an illustrated novel rather than a graphic one as none of the storytelling is accomplished by the pictures, they serve merely as a visual soundtrack.

High concept literature such as this is very much tied to the medium it was written in. But if you look at I.N.J Culbard’s H.P Lovecraft works they show that you can pull it off. Even the Rock Hudson TV movie enjoys some success.

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