Fables (21): Happily Ever After – Bill Willingham

Fables 21This is a nine chapter volume that alternates between Fabletown and mini stories elsewhere. As Willingham specialises in battles he has sown the seeds of his final conflict early and tension is rising to fever pitch. Each chapter is marked “the Last Tale of…” so you know things are bad.

Unlike previous battles this will be character against beloved character so no matter who wins we lose. The true story behind Snow and Red is revealed and there can be only one. The book delivers everything a penultimate part should with gusto.

This book has more artists than ever before. Most of the names like Akins and McManus are regulars but Nimit Malavia delivers a superb Noir style meeting between two characters. Nothing disappoints.

There are some great reveals, clever references and fourth wall pokes that combine to make this a Double Thumbs UP!!

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