Fables (22): Farewell – Bill Willingham

Fables 22Well it’s finally over. After 13 years, 6,000 pages, and more than 26,000 panels the story ends. In some unusual ways.

The titanic battle is finished half way through the book and has a twist you don’t see coming. The rest is individual tales about singular Fables. Most of these are just one or two pages long and not everything is resolved. These feel kind of twee and self-indulgent, yet for the avid Fables reader makes for a gentle come-down after the trauma of learning there will be no more. Apart from all those spin offs obviously.

Each tale has a different artist including names such as Neal Adams and Bryan Talbot. There is also a fold out cover that has 177 different characters on it. There is a handy key at the back. Just as spectacularly the last ever page is also a double gatefold creating a splash panel four pages wide.

After that we have the obligatory thankyous, a biography of all the artists who worked on the book, some sketches and a script excerpt. As final bows go this goes out in style.

Thumbs Up!

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