Wasteland Book 1: Cities in Dust – Antony Johnston


This a strong opening to a post-apocalyptic saga that runs for more than ten volumes.

The theme of a human culture re-emerging and adapting to the fall of technology and civilisation may seem familiar but it is executed here distinctively and elegantly. The world is revealed in discrete and logical steps and the characters and their emotions are always the driving force.

The world is similar enough to our own not to need a glossary or a wordy prologue and pretty soon it is clear humanity and its shortcomings are common to any epoch. Set more than a hundred years into the future the language is subtly different but you can see where it had grown from and it is never a barrier to the story.

The art is excellent, black and grey with a similar feel to The Walking Dead but with less detail and more tonal range. It is a digital style with almost every frame being artificially blurred to bring depth and interest to the background. This is very well executed and a real asset to adding motion and life to the page.

The whole thing may be an allegory for America of the past, present or future and some of the names help convince you of this. The themes however are universal and the woes and prejudices of any culture, civilisation or time-period never change and always make great literature.

A superb beginning.

Thumbs Up!

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