Wasteland Book 2: Shades of God – Antony Johnston


The story continues with each plot or character receiving enough page-time to keep you intrigued. We learn more about the past and how this new world relates to our own. This might be a case of too much too soon depending on how new you want your new world to be.

We also learn more about our characters and Abi’s early life in particular through flashbacks. This constant flow of answers and new information means you aren’t getting lost or frustrated. Naturally it paves the way for bigger mysteries.

The flashbacks are told through digitally faded pages, a technique which is subtle but works much better than you think. The art is doing a lot of work with a few staple tools. In this case the less is definitely more.

If the series continues like this, and there is no reason it shouldn’t, this will be a must buy for every volume.

Thumbs Up!

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