Wasteland Book 5: Tales of the Uninvited – Antony Johnston


Not content with marginalising the main story this volume abandons them all together in favour of four stand-alone tales.

These explore Artisan Skot, Newbegin, Sultan Ameer, and reveal the most pressing mystery, where did the boots with the missing laces come from! Michael is in two of the tales and the last one is superb slowly revealing a strong emotional core.

It seems strange to have these one-shots appear half way through the series and not save them till the end or include them as bonus features.

Jarringly some of the stories have different artists. Wasteland has a very distinctive art style and these guests stand out for the wrong reason. Which is a shame as their work is very good and they bring strong styles of their own.

The last tale, drawn by series regular Christopher Mitten, is in colour. It looks superb and as it is a flashback there is a strong argument this exception to the iconic black and white style is valid. It does leave you wondering what the whole series would have looked like in colour however.

One of the tales also uses a strange mix of prose, monographs and standard sequential art. This is the weakest of the stories and so this unconventional style doesn’t help.

Overall however definitely a Thumbs Up!

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