Wasteland Book 6: The Enemy Within – Antony Johnston

W06This is an excellent book. Not content with creating a brave new world Johnston flexes his literary muscles by shaking up the narrative structure. This volume tells and then retells the tale of a six month period in Newbegin history through the viewpoints of five different characters. This is a superb structure and a great technique for revealing information slowly. As the same events are re-examined from each perspective we learn more about what has happened.

A new artist comes aboard midway through although you are so engrossed in the story you don’t feel any disconnect. Even though his style is different, pure black and white as opposed to black and grey with heavy digital elements, it does fit in with the Wasteland vibe very nicely.

The story examines terrorism and tyranny and although two characters are in the employ of the tyrant your loyalties are never given cause to change. After so many volumes absent will we ever find out what is happening to Michael and Abi?

For the bold point of view stance this gets a Double Thumbs Up!

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