Crossed: Volume 14 – Kieron Gillen

Crossed 14This is certainly different from the sophisticated, emotion-rich drama that Gillen usually delivers. There are two intertwined stories that reveal much about the human condition. But then comes a significant rug-pull that renders much of what you have read inert. This might have worked in an elevator pitch but having just read 160 odd pages it leaves you a little hollow, almost cheated. You don’t take away the insight into the flaws of everyday people or the primordial evils of our species but the fact it was all a dream.

The art is distinctive, lacking the finer detail of many Crossed regulars. The prehistoric setting and culture is well designed and conveyed. The issue breaks from four different artists are thematically linked but really bizarre, and not in the usual Crossed way.

This is definitely a hard one to call. Putting aside the massive “twist” it is a thumbs up!